Manasa Joyhti Koni is a founded residential for children with a disability. Manasa Jyothi is not funded by the government but by a private trust and does not ask the parents for any fee. Therefore manasa Jyothi gives disabled children without parents or with parents that cannot or do not want to care of the children, a place to live and receive education. For some children Manasa Jyothi is their only chance in society. Some parents take their children home for holidays, some only visit them once a year and others never come.

Now there are 18 children between the age of 5 and 25 years. The children make up a cooperative “family”, where the elder children help the young ones. Because the Indian Trust can only cover 40 % off all cost, Maartje and her family started a family foundation to support Manasa Jyothi in the best possible way. The foundation is from the Netherlands and started in 2008. One Million Hockey Legs has sponsored hockey equipment like sticks, balls, and cones.


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